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Just a quick note to my commenters. (umm both of you 🙂 )
I have installed the DoFollow plug-in so you get appropriate google search engine credit for posts here.
As you MAY know, WordPress 1.5.2 automatically inserts a NoFollow tag to all comment links in an effort to reduce comment spam. Not necessarily gonna work though.
Philosophically – you comment you should get the page rank IMHO.
Not alone in this I know, so – DoFollow is here.
Will also institute some decent anti-spam measures soon too.

5 thoughts on “NoFollow – DoFollow

  1. Thanks for this, at least then your not putting a spammer label on everyone who visits your site, including the genuine non-spammers.

  2. I believe dofollow keeps the blog moderated and for me, a blog without a moderator is worthless. congratulations on dofollow!

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